Handheld Pulse Monitor, Portable Accurate Compact Comfortable.

WIT-S300N handheld oximeter is suitable for home measure-ment of blood oxygen, pulse rate and perfusion index ,They can be used for a variety of patients including but not limited to hospital's operation room, ICU, clinic section office, outpatient department, sickroom, emergency treatment, and recovery. They can also be used in health care organizations, at home or while transporting patients. 

• Can monitor Blood oxygen saturation,Pulse rate,Perfusion index,Respiration Rate,Electrocardiography(Optional),Skin TEMP(Optional),HR(Optional).• High-definition display screen, touch screen.
• Sound and light double alarm.                                        • Support screen brightness adjustment.
• Data storage and return visit function.                            • Bluetooth connection data transmission APP.
• PC connection and data management                            • The base and the bracket can be optionally configured.
• Multiple filter mode selection, notch switch.                   • Probe fault detection function.
• The time and date can be adjusted.                                • Uses 3 AA batteries with long run time of up to 1 O hours

Remark: the sales region is not available in China, the United States, and Europe.

  • WIT-S300N Brochure