Vital Signs Monitor, Prime Innovation for Medical Application

XH-60(TE) series Vital signs monitor has been designed to serve frontline caregivers in emergency, perioperative care and ICU/NICU departments. With its accurate oximetry adapted for adult as well as neonate, it provides a continuous and accurate monitoring of the Sp02 and PR even in case of low perfusion.

-Equipped with high-performance blood oxygen,blood pressure, end-respiratory carbon dioxide module technology independently developed by witleaf
-Small and easy to use, easy to carry, ideal for surgery, emergency, physical examination, social health and other environments
-It is equiped with a 5'TFT display and the display panel is inclined at 15°, which is convenient for doctors to view .
-72-hour data storage , unin terrupted recording trend data, with dual alann function of sound and light , alann parameters can beadjusted.
-RS232 serial port data transmission function .
-With USB data interface, support U disk upgrade system function
-Equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery to meet the needs of medical visits and emergency vehicles
-Support network transmission, can be connected to the central monitoring workstation
-Multiple models, standard configuration SP02, selectconfiguration NIBP、EtC02.
XH60-B:SP02, EtC02(Sidestream)
XH60-C:SP02, EtC02(Mainstream)
XH60-A(T ):SP02, NIBP, TEMP(contact type)
XH60-A(SC)SP02, NIBP, EtC02(Sidestream)

Remark: the sales region is not available in China, the United States, and Europe.

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