Patient condition in one glance

The XH-80 series patient monitor series are designed to meet daily clinical needs and seamlessly integrate into the hospital workflow. A variety of monitor models have more and more accurate practical clinical application values. In acute care,patient monitors must be reliable, easy to use, have advanced parameters, and allow access to data when needed. When transporting patients, the equipment should be easy to carry. The XH-80 series of patient monitors are lightweight, powerful,and intuitive in user interface. They are the best choice for acute, in- and out-of-hospital transfers.

EEG and Ai Monitor Optimizing Anesthesia Delivery with AI Monitoring.

Patented CapnoSET and TiniStream technology.

Excellent ECG analysis and Anti-motion NIBP &SP02 Algorithm.

Remark: the sales region is not available in China, the United States, and Europe.

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