Research and Development
Share     Teamwork     Enthusiasm     Innovation

Delicate has a R&D team which is made up of skilled engineers with professional knowledge, application ability and many years’ experience in the fields of computer application, image processing, ultrasonic engineering, Biomedicine, signal processing, circuit design, etc. Moreover, Delicate has established very good cooperation relationship with several well-known universities and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and are carrying out prospective research subjects in medical field.

Delicate R&D team takes most emphasis on technological innovation. Delicate has proprietary intellectual property rights with ten invention and utility model patents and a number of computer software copyrights.

With core idea of Share, Teamwork, Enthusiasm and Innovation, Delicate’s R&D team develops products in strict accordance with standards of research and development management process. With "customer focus, quality first” quality policy, delicate’s R&D has been striving for designing high quality products which are easy to use and meet ever-changing clinical demands.

For prospective development, we Delicate will continually integrate new technologies and clinical demands. Delicate insists on serving for human’s healthcare as our mission, and will keep moving forward on the road of making new products and bigger achievements.