Most Portable and Integrated TCD System in the World since 2011

The EMS-9PB is a new generation of multi-function Transcranial Doppler. It integrates Delica’s full digital imaging technology, wide-band technology, and other innovations in a reliable state of the art instrument. Compact construction, streamline appearance and portability make it an attractive choice for any hospital or private office.  With a series of outstanding features including high sensitivity, reliability and portability, it brings a powerful tool for neurological diagnostics, ICU/NICU monitoring, multiple office use and other clinical applications.


Portable System with Excellent Performance

"All-in-One” Device

Portable and flexible for different clinical uses, especially for mobile applications


Touch Screen Operation

High resolution TFT touch screen with user-friendly software provides for ease of operation.


More Reliable and Ease of Maintenance

Conservatively designed with special anti-interference capability, the device can work continuously and reliably without maintenance. Modular construction makes service easier.


Full Digital Ultrasound Technology

Most Sensitive Doppler

With advanced digital technology, the system can detect vessel signals easily and obtain high quality spectra even working at very low power with improved safety.


Higher Velocity Limit

The maximum detectable velocity is up to 750cm/s for the MCA at depth 50mm ; it eliminates the anti aliasing problem for patients with a very high blood flow velocity.


High Resolution

Up to 8 spectral windows displayed simultaneously,128 depths combined into 4000 gates.

Outstanding TCD software DTCD8100 Professional Embolus Detection Program With an improved algorithm, the accuracy and reliability of HITS detection are superior to other TCD instruments.


Powerful Statistics Function

The DTCD8100 program includes different interfaces for statistical analysis, which provides convenient data reduction for clinical research.


Flexible Report Formats

The report system of EMS-9PB can generate reports in BMP, JPG, PNG, XML, PDF, DOC, XLS,TXT  and etc.


Multi-language Supported

With independent code, the software interface can be translated and switched into other languages including German, Chinese, and Italian.


Database Backup and Multi Database Supported

The program supports patient’s data backup using CD, DVD, and any other storage media. User can build different databases for file backup.


DICOM Software

DICOM store and DICOM modality work list


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