China Stroke Conference 2013

China Stroke Conference 2013 was opened in China National Convention Center on May 3. The conference was organized by Stroke Screening and Prevention Engineering Commission of National Health and Family Planning Commission(NPFPC) and co-organized by related bureaus of NPFPC and Medical Professional Association. With the principle of Regulation, Promotion and Guidance, it placed more emphasis on exchanges and cooperation between subjects. The topics of Health Education, High-risk Screening, Internal Medicine Intervention, Surgical Intervention and Interventional Therapy, Rehabilitation and Nursing Care, Integrative Management and Achievement Transformation were expanded and discussed at this conference. And it also builded a bridge and platform for further exchanges and cooperation between experts and government and its related medical institutions.

More than 4500 experts from 496 hospitals attened the conference. As a professional manufacturer in Neuro Medical product field, Shenzhen Delicate Electronics Co., Ltd. was invited and participated in this conference and showed its new technology.

Stroke seriously influence peoples life and health with high morbidit, disability and relapse rates. Stroke Screening and Prevention is one of the most important stages. Vascular ultrasound and TCD forum was held during this conferencem , and its Chairman is Professor Hua Yan. In the forum, Delicate’s product manager made a brief and distinctive instroduction of Delica new released neurology series.

Delica Multi-funtional Vascular Ultrasound (MVU) can synchronously examine intracranial vessel, cervical vascular and the opening of subclavian arte, which filled up the blank field to examin related vascular synchronously for  neurology cerebrovascular disease. Delica MVU series received good feedback from experts and provided us more confidence in neuro medical filed.