Congratulations for A paper from the University of Cambridge published

Delica has received a paper from Dr Peter Smielewski, Researcher of University of Cambridge, published in Critical Ultrasound Journal, indicating below

The current Delica EMS 9D robotic TCD system pro-vides the ability to obtain 4  h of continuous, uninter-rupted bilateral TCD recordings in critically ill TBI patients, undergoing other various invasive/non-invasive multi-modal monitoring. Further, the automated algo-rithms and robotic probe drive aid in TCD set-up and optimization of signal intensity during patient movements, allowing for extended duration uninterrupted recordings. This feature is a major step towards more continuous non-invasive neuromonitoring. Finally, the monitor itself provides the ability to run ICM software, directly recording high-frequency digital signals from the robotic TCD, amongst all other multi-modal monitoring devices within moderate/severe TBI patients. Please check below link to find detailed information:


Delica are honored to be invited to participate the workshop and reception dinner in University of Cambridge.


During the workshop, Neurosurgeons from around the world have shown great interest and purchase intention in Delica new product EMS-9D PRO (TCD with Non-invasive blood pressure).




At present, Delica has started worldwide promotion of EMS-9D PRO with ICM software. Working with the world's leading experts, Delica will make unremitting efforts for the human health.

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