Delica Distributor Meeting in Amsterdam
2024-04-15Delica IBD 265

Delica Medical organized an international distributor meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from April 2nd to 3rd. Nearly 28 participants from Europe and some other countries took part in this meeting.

Our business partners greatly appreciated this meeting, which is evident from the evaluation form, on which a final mark of above an 8 as average was scored!  

Various aspects were discussed, including:

Principles of TCD including applications and positioning the different models Delica Medical offers. Interfacing possibilities and MDR regulations has been covered by Frank Qiu, great presentations on these subjects.

Special attention to the unique features Delica offers with the Robotic Probes which work on all the Delica TCD devices!

Also special attention for presentations from collaboration partners from Delica Medical.

Dr Peter Smielewski from the Brain and Physics lab in Cambridge, UK, as well as Dr. Keunen about emboli detection.


In addition, we were able to jointly discuss the content of the future, in which future developments of Delica were discussed.


All attendees have indicated that they would like to come again in the future. Thanks to all participants and nice to meet such a Delica Family and to continue building a healthy and growing high technology-based company together.

Thanks to Delica HQ for making this possible.

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