The 23rd China International HI-TECH FAIR

The 23rd China International HI-TECH FAIR took place in Shenzhen on 27th-29th Dec, 2021 with the theme of advancing high-quality development and fostering a new development pattern.

It is the largest and most influential science and technology exhibition in China.



Delica Medical was pleasure to be invited to take part in the exhibition and brought its Latest product Robotic TCD and Syncope diagnostic software system.Intelligent embedded robotic software, real time detection of changes in cerebrovascular. Complete evaluation of the patient presenting with syncope that may cause by neurovascular disorder.



We thanks to the participants who came to visit Delica booth, exchange, experience and interact.



In the future, Delica Technology will continue to explore the new product portfolio and optimize existing products, and dedicated to neurological care by creating advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology, for improved patient outcome and better quality of lives.

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