ESNCH October 15-17th, 2021 Belgrade, Serbia

Delica is proud to share with you that we were invited to take part of the ESNCH congress in Belgrade, Serbia. October 15-17th 2021

Present on behalf of Delica, Federico Lotti & Adam Ramaekers.  



Although the quantity of attendees was still not as high we wanted, after a long period of COVID 19, the quality of the attendees was as always, very high!



It was our pleasure to reconnect with our existing relationships and our honor to made new contacts for the future. Those who are working with Delica already, appreciate our unique technology in general, specifically the working principle of our Robotic Probes with automatic window finder was recognized as fast, easy to use and very reliable for long lasting monitoring. For us a proof we are developing technology based on the needs from the market.



We thank in particular the Congress Organizers and the proactive roles of the Chair of the Teaching Courses, Assistant Prof. Aleksandra Pavlovic, who let the attendees, use the Delica TCD with Robotic probe as well as Prof Milija Mijaljovic, the Chair of the Meeting.

Delica looks forward for the next Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, 2022, April 14-16th


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