FDA certificate for EMS-9D with Nanocore module
2019-06-25Info 564

Recently, Shenzhen Delica Medical Equipment Co., LTD. has confirmed that its latest TCD instrument, EMS-9D with Nanocore module, has successfully got FDA certificate. Also, EMS-9D with Nanocore module has already got CE certificate earlier this year.


With the official launch of EMS-9D with Nanocore module, Delica TCD can provide both CBFv and nIBP information at the same time in one single machine. It means that users don’t need to worry about the limited room of the department and the separated data in different machine. Meanwhile, this integral machine also supports ICM software which can collect multi-modality information from different devices. User can apply its preset calculation or even create their equations.


This module has been tested by the physic lab of Cambridge University for two years. It has successfully integrated the blood pressure monitor and it’s a powerful tool to researcher who needs both CBFv and nIBP values. Also, it has a unique technology called Robotic Probe which makes TCD long-term monitoring in ICU possible by providing both CBFv and nIBP information of a patient. The integral ICM software also helps to collect multiple modalities from devices in ICU. It’s going to be an evolution to the whole TCD field.

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