【MEDICA】Delica-this is so exciting!

On Saturday, 21 November 2019, the medica2019 came to an end, but the voices from global partners and clinical clients near us for a long time.

Let's start......


“This is a fascinating system. It looks we will hit a great chance for the Neuro ICU market in the US!”


“I know you Chinese guys are great, I know now Chinese products are great!”

Jan-Czech Republic

“It is great to visit you during this medica! I believe our doctors would be excited as me if we could do a demo in front of them!”

Regis Andrieu-France

“Of course I would like to buy 10 sets of your systems.  I will send you the money once I get back and please deliver the goods ASAP!”


"It is good day for me!Been seeing this great system"


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