8th International Conference on Cerebral Haemodynamic Regulation

Delica has attended the 8th International Conference on Cerebral Haemodynamic Regulation in Oxford last week.

During two-day meeting, lots of professors and researchers from all over the world share their opinions on Cerebral Autoregulation. They share their PPT presentation and paper which can inspire each other to improve their own research. To do a Cerebral Autoregulation research, they would use some equipment like TCD(to measure CBFv), CO2 module(to measure end tidal CO2(EtCO2)), ECG, EEG and Blood pressure monitor(to measure beat to beat blood pressure). However, researchers usually use these equipment respectively. Then they input all these data from different equipment on computer to analyze (mostly use ICM ) after monitoring which is so inconvenient. And for the patient, they have to put on all these sensors or probes from different equipment to conduct the test which is annoy and uncomfortable.

Our EMS-9D combines TCD and Nanocore from FMS together which is totally fit their requirement of monitoring CBFv and NIBP. Also, EMS-9D is compatible with ICM which can help researcher to analyze the data. Professors and researcher are all interested to EMS-9D. This combination could definitely save the lab space and budget. In a word, EMS-9D is obviously attractive to those professors who are engaged in Cerebral Autoregulation.

And there will be an ICM workshop in September. If your customer want to attend the ICM workshop, they can register in the website below.


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